About Us

About Us


At Child Recovery International, we provide breakthroughs in sensitive missing child matters with innovative, inspirational and investigative methodologies to bring obtainable reunification and alleviate human suffering.


For more than 25 years, Child Recovery International is the leading private sector authority in the investigation and recovery of missing and endangered children. You need to find the right resources with specialists who move forward effectively, efficiently and produce evident success.


We are an integrity-driven service offering practical, effective, innovative based results and solutions geared to those in distress and conflict. We are here to assist those in crisis overcome obstacles and a find a means to the end.



Any garden variety PI that profess they can find a missing person much less a missing at-risk child, or they specialize in missing children is simply a lie. Although government non-for-profits like NCMEC have their hearts in the right place, they will only post a flyer and hand you some informative statistical pamphlets. Nothing more. These methods will certainly not locate your missing loved one.


CRI operations and achievements are highly recognized by the international community with methodologies and mechanisms unlike others who lack the talents. We possess proprietary investigative skills, tactics, techniques and exercise our precise methodologies with compassion and sensitivity. We possess the most precise profiling abilities, investigative prowess and are the elite authority as criminal science behavioral analysts that resolves crises and saves lives.


Our team is available to address your issue and listen attentively. We evaluate the nature of your missing loved one, assess and evaluate. Please read click “red more” to follow our procedures on how to obtain a consultation with one of our specialists and take immediate action. No need to file a police force missing persons’ report and wait around. You need real help - NOW.

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