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Child Recovery International


On any given day there are as many as 100,000 actively missing persons cases in the United States, with tens of thousands of those individuals disappearing under suspicious circumstances. Where do people turn when law enforcement is unable to provide them with answers to "find my child"?

Our missing persons task force are hired by loved ones when mysteries require closure and loved ones need to be found. Law enforcement officials simply do not have the resources or the faculties to search for missing persons or close cold cases which missing persons cases normally are.

CRI assist families find a missing loved one that is not considered “missing” in the eyes of the law. Because of the many circumstances under which someone may be considered missing, we are well-equipped to handle any number of circumstances and prepared to deal with emotionally charged situations and grief-stricken clients.

We possess a wide array of resources, skills and dedication combined with top-notch analytical and critical thinking assessment skills. The term “missing person” is used to refer to people who have been abducted, or who have disappeared on their own accord, and law enforcement investigators follow a specific protocol given their training and abilities which yield litltle results on the 5% of cases they actually investigate.

If your loved one has gone missing, you owe it to them and to yourself to use the best means necessary to find them. Call CRI today for a free consultation. We have a global network of resources and experts to put at your disposal, and we will go to work immediately to find a missing person.