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Child Recovery International


We will require all copies of legal documents and police reports/warrants. We will then review all legal documents and law enforcement reports you may possess regarding the runaway teen(s) or missing child, including but not limited to court orders such as domestic complaints, TOP and child custody directives. 

In most cases, we will keep you in the loop during the investigative process. The parent or custodian must provide accurate and truthful details of the abduction or flight of the missing child/teen runaway. When requested, the Client must agree to accompany our team on your recovery operation. 

You must agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement and contract for our services. A power of attorney maybe required as well. We require full cooperation and complete access to communicate with you at all times regarding finding missing persons. We will guide you throughout the process of the initial phase of the investigation and leading up to the location and recovery of your child.

We are committed to provide you with professional service, proven logistical support and intervention in both domestic and foreign affairs. The subject of missing kids is always a difficult one. We have found many missing children worldwide, and we are here to continue finding them, wherever our services can be of assistance.

Our experience and credentials speak for themselves. You will find the hope and the confidence in our abilities. We keep your best interests and that of your son and daughter in mind when conducting our search. We possess the abilities and the perseverence to locate your loved ones and bring them home safely.