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  • B. Thompson
    We did all our research first on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children web site and their missing children statistics. We even contacted them and all they did was take was take my daughter's photograph and post it on on their site valuable days later. I got some crappy pamphlets and watched others parents of the missing living in fear like us and holding candle light vigils waiting for a miracle. Well, doing more research and finding you finally was the miracle! That call was the best thing I did in my life. You not only saved my daughter, you saved me. You saved my family and brought us back together. I will never forget you...
    B. Thompson
    Los Angeles, Ca
  • W. Brolin
    First as you know we were completely traumatized when we found our daughters were taken away from us. After we place our faith in the police and NCMEC, we became even more frantic until our lawyer gave us your number and advised us that missing children found is your mantra. Instantly we felt this calm come over us. We had already heard and seen those missing children stories and did not want our children to be part of those statistics and knew when we hired you, a new hope. I want to thank you again for listening so attentively to my rambling and outrage. You communicated with me and my wife everyday but was more impressed on how compassionate and dedicated your team is. You work ethic as described to me was understated. I cannot thank you enough for saving my family. God bless you.
    W. Brolin
    Long Beach, California
“Wow! What can we say? My heart is still beating a millions miles an hour with joy and exhilaration. My husband and I have stayed up late at night for good reasons for a change deciding how we need to thank you properly. We have decided that there is not enough money in the world to pay you. Instead, I am enclosing two round trips tickets to come to Tulsa. There, we have a present waiting for you. I hope you can make it. A million blessings to you and your staff for brining back our beloved son back to us after all those years. ”
“I am sending you photos of my children at both mine and their request. We cannot say the words that will have enough meaning to thank you for finding them and returning them home safely to me. There father is a sick man and maybe now he will get the treatment that he needs. He can longer hurt them thanks to you and the men & women who work for you. I will tell everyone how truly great you really are. ”
“​When my husband up and took away our children, I was totally devastated. As days grew into weeks and then months I never thought I would ever see my children again. The police came up with only a few leads but nothing ever gave me hope. The only hope I got was when a lawyer referred me to you who you had helped a few years ago. You lived up to everything he said about you and then some. I still have to pinch myself every time I look at my children and think how fast you were able to locate our missing kids for me. I know I paid you for your services but I will remain indebted to you for the rest of my life.”
“​You helped reunite me with our daughter Kristen when everyone else had given up on us in even obtaining a lead to her disappearance. Your response time was unimaginable. Your sensitivity and your professionalism was beyond our expectations. You have given us a gift we cannot possible repay. We will think of you every time we look at our daughter resting happily back in her bed. God Bless you!”
“We are so delighted about the return of my son that it is hard to put into words how much that we are grateful for what you have done for us. I have not seen our boy in 7 years. You were spot on when you said no one cares until you become a victim yourself. Then, we started hearing all these scary missing children stories and our grief hit the roof! Thanks to you, we are know re-united and settling back to life as we knew it. He is now a grown man and we are looking forward to many great moments in the future all thanks to you! I will be indebted to you forever.”
“Everything that told me from the beginning came true. You told me that the police would do nothing in helping me find my son, that they would blame me for my child leaving home. You never gave me false hopes. I called you and you came. I am sorry I doubted your sincerity and even more important your abilities. Today my son and I are doing great. I am sure you got the cards we sent you. My doubting husband now worships you and tells everybody how incredible you are. To me that is an understatement. Thank you so much!”
“There are no words to express how I feel of the gratitude I have for you for restoring the connection of my son. He is my life and therefore you have given me the greatest gift... I was heartbroken when my son was taken from me and my world crumbled. You became a beacon and a guiding light. You never wavered or faltered in any words that were spoken. I will always remember you.”
“When I thought that all hope was lost..you became my savior. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning my missing daughter to us...We've heard so many horrific missing children statistics, that we were losing hope with the authorities until they themselves referred your agency to us. God Bless”
“I never thought in my wildest dreams that your promises to me would be kept. I am happy to say I was very wrong and would encourage anyone I meet to tell them how incredible you are actually are...”

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I never thought in my wildest dreams that your promises to me would be kept. I am happy to say I was very wrong and would encourage anyone I meet to tell them how incredible you are actually are…