If you are a victim of a parental abduction, you most likely already consulted and/or retained a lawyer where you reside and in the country where your child or children are now located. You also most likely spoke to the State Dept. about your rights regarding The Hague but found out that was a waste of precious time.

The court does automatically grant you full custody in matters like this nor a domestic arrest warrant will NOT resolve it either. What you need is a professional who possesses the resources to get ‘boots on the ground’ and/or negotiate the return or your child or children.

You have found out that like all others, you are part and parcel of the vast population of the horrors of missing children stories and the devastation of the dead end of "where to go now" syndrome.

​ We have worked parental abduction cases successfully in over 20 countries. We know how to facilitate the return of abducted children in foreign lands with children of all ages. Give us a call to retain us to get your child back.