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Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker and lately for the extraction of organs or tissues. Human trafficking is an industry where your children is a product or a commodity. Most times it starts with social media like, Craigslist and Facebook who are the biggest pimps on the Internet. It is the 2nd largest BILLION dollar industry in the world. If you think that your child has runaway from home, think again. An actor 'grooms' your child on these sites and elsewhere; then your child is handed over to the trafficker. You will most likely never know if your child has been trafficked unless we profile your case


What we will do -

Runaway/throwaway episodes can vary a great deal in their seriousness and dangerousness. The stereotype of the runaway is often of youth roaming and sleeping on the streets of a large city such as New York or San Francisco, prey to pimps, drug dealers, and violent crime. We comprehend the mentality of the adolescent mindset. We have been profiling and analyzing youth behavior for decades knowing their disciplines and psyche. We study their patterns of behavior and know the psychology and sociology of their environments due to our vast experience.


What we will do -

If you are a victim of a parental abduction, you most likely already consulted and/or retained a lawyer where you reside and in the country where your child or children are now located. You also most likely spoke to the State Dept. about your rights regarding The Hague but found out that was a waste of precious time. The court does automatically grant you full custody in matters like this nor a domestic arrest warrant will NOT resolve it either.


What we will do -

If your child or other family member(s) is kidnaped - you need HIGHLY TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED tacticians who specialize in conducting negotiations in crisis situations if you are seeking a favorable outcome. It is vital that you are talking to the right people and not because you feel that the government knows what they are doing. Kidnappers never respect government authorities. We understand what the abductors interests are; respect their demands and listen to them carefully.


  • We are "partners" not law enforcement because we both expect to be around.
  • We are transparent not selective.
  • We are action-driven not talkers.
  • Our purpose is evident and precise in locating your loved one.
  • Discipline is important because it keeps us focused and on-task.
  • We are results-based not theorists.

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