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Child Recovery International

"The most experienced, dedicated and recognized Operatives with effective strategies and noted results." 

There is many reasons why kids runaway. Often times they rebel, runaway from their problems only to take their problems with them or seek solace.  We know how to classify your child and find them. 

Parental Abductions

A global epidemic. Most victims only think to run to a lawyer and the State Dept because they think the Hague will help. The sad fact this is hopeless, a waste of time and money. You may never see your child again. 

Kidnapping (Ransom)
The govt. will not get your child back. The clock is ticking and you need an expert to negotiate the return of your child or one to physically return your child safely back to you. 

Human/Sex Trafficking
The largest organized crime ring next to the Drug Cartels. Every minute, a mile can separate you from your child once taken. No one has the track record like us to locate and get your child back to you. 


You must be want to find your child as bad as the air you breath. We do not take every child find case. If you are highly motivated, engaged and committed, we are here to listen intensively with compassion and sensitivity


Our purpose and integrity in insurmountable. We offer solutions, not parables. We are focused, centered and gravitate with a set of strategies to alleviate suffering and find the missing. 

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to focus our abilities in locating  your loved one. The clarity of our objective is clear. 


I launched Child Recovery Intl as a warrior for victims and an advocate for innocent children everywhere. After 20 years rescuing children, it has become a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven professionals on the globe. I am very grateful. 

Foundation History

  1. 1985 - Our founder became a victim of a violent crime when he was stabbed by two Afghan Nationals during the commission of a crime. His life changed forever.
  2. 1987 -Child Recovery was established as the first private sector Intelligence agency dedicated to the plight of missing children and the accountability of criminal victimization. 
  3. 1995 -Child Recovery International celebrated its 100th recovery of a missing child. On this year, CRI's founder began profiling cases for the media and law enforcement around the nation.  
  4. 2014 -We are considered the industry authority and our agency has recovered over 820 missing at risk children and 1900 missing adults. In the process we have saved the lives of many missing children and closed countless numbers of cold cases.

Child Recovery Expert | Fugitive Apprehension | Counter-Terrorism, LE/Military Trainer | Cold Cases | Speaker 

Child Recovery International - ceo